Capitalism-there must be a bettet way.

I am trying to think of a better, more equitable system then capitalism.  Why is it that some people may choose a career in a field that in the capitalist system is less valued than another ie a person may choose to be a child-care worker. In Australia a child care worker is on a government regulated wage of around, I believe $17-18/hour. This job is a highly responsible job-maybe one of the most responsible jobs there are as it is looking after the wellbeing and development of the next generation of the society. Another individual may choose to be say, a construction engineer charging around $190/hour for his/her services. The construction engineer may have to study a bit longer than the child care worker but the service is no more responsible or necessary in society in my opinion. When the child care worker decides to go through process of building a house, he/she requires the services of the engineer so has to pay for example 10 hours work to have a concrete-slab certification drawing produced. This work will cost the child care worker 10 X $190 = $1900, equivalent to 105 hours of his/her time. When the engineer wants a child minded for 10 hours he/she will pay 10 X $18 = $180 while still earning/receiving $190/hour. This means the child care worker either has a lot of catching up to do to pay for the service or has to opt for a much more humble way of putting a roof over his/her head. To me, this situation compounds the devaluing of the child care service while overvalues the engineering service. Obviously the capitalist government has no objections as, if the appropriate tax is received on the service then the government gets the revenue adding income to the coffers enabling expenditure on government infrastructure and services. This system has the potential to distance lines of work from each other as if one is of more value in society to another. It also faulsly, in my opinion sets one person at a higher status (caste) in society to another. Why should the engineer feel that they have a right to earn a large salary at the cost of the child care workers meagre income. I should point out here that I am a retired engineer myself. I would like to hear other's comments on this scenario. I definitely do not see some sort of totally socialist system as the answer but do believe there is a need for a much fairer system that values everybody in society more equitably. Maybe service transactions could be somehow means tested so that lower income erners get subsidised for the higher cost services of other providers while the higher earners pay more realistically for the services they require.  

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