I am at a loss as to why we leave it up to doctors to prescribe drugs for depression with the aim to just eliminating symptoms as if depression is a disease when actually I believe that depression is the subconscious being one step ahead of the conscious mind making the first step towards giving up behaviour and deliterious thinking that is no longer tenable to quality of life. Throughout our lives we struggle with many crises. We try to cling to behaviours and ways of thinking that are not good for our wellbeing. People need more than medication to address the reason for their depression and people need support, encouragement and understanding from appropriate practitioners to recognise what they are trying to throw away. Unfortunately some people cling to modes of behaviour their whole life because getting rid of such behaviour seems too mammoth a task to toss away. Of course medication is necessary when depression is first diagnosed so as to keep the individual safe but further professional consultation should be suggested for the long term benefit to the patient. This is my opinion only as I am not trained in psychology. I would be interested to hear the opinion of somebody more qualified than I am on this topic.

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  1. jlgrant

    Depression is the low state marked by significant levels of sadness, lack of energy, low self-worth, guilt, or related symptoms. Medical doctors such as those at hospitals are not trained in any way to diagnose people with disorders of the brain. These doctors usually look up what fits in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM for short. However, it is because they have a Ph.D that people go to them and seek help. This leads people to take medicine when it is not needed. Most people if not all need to go see a professional who is trained in disorders of the mental mind.

    In my opinion, pills do nothing but just make people easy to manage. In some cases medicine is required for an individual to live a “normal” life. Yet most people just need someone who can help them cope with whatever feelings they have that are causing the depressive state. You can never truly get rid of a disorder, but you can help people learn to cope and work with the disorder so that the person is in charge of their lives, not their disorders.

    By the way, I’m a college student in the process of getting a Bachelor degree in psychology.

    September 14, 2012
    1. georgetsmurf

      “sadness, lack of energy, low self-worth, guilt” Yes these are the symptoms of depresion however something must be triggering these emotions as on a good day opposite emotions may exist. This is why I suggest that depression is the beginning of the minds way of trying to tell us there is something we need to get rid of in our thought patterns and/or behaviour. And of course as you say “pills do nothing but just make people eay to manage”. I think that what you say is correct ie you can never truly get rid of the dissorder but that is, in my opinion, because it really is not so much a dissorder as a natural condition of the mind that needs to be listened to. An analogy is an allergic response-the body overcompensating to protect itself from an outside influence recognised as an intruder.

      September 19, 2012
  2. kathrynapierce

    My mother and Aunt are Psychology majors and I learned everything they did just by living with them. I wish I am as educated as you, wow, do you read a lot? incredible! I have had depression my whole life, I was prescribed when I was 4-6 (sounds wrong right?) Well my first 5 years of life consisted of a very scary man named my father who sexually and physically abused my tiny little body, that and my twin sister and my older brother by 2 years. Depression did exist. So over a decade later it started up again and so I start medications, but in the end it made it worse, I lost sleep because the medicine gave me restless leg syndrome and the depression continued. So what did I do? I said screw medication, (on top of this I had major anxiety which came out in a horrid fear and physical feeling of my feet being stabbed or torn some how and being clean freak OCD) So I basically smoked a lot of weed which helped and didn’t and kicked my anxiety and depression in the butt! I still deal with it everyday, you know what I do? I stay strong and say, hey chemical misfire in my brain! You’re lame and I won’t let you control me! I;m bigger and better than you! and just like that, it doesn’t effect me anymore.
    and sadly some people disagree and don’t try and there for get no where and the longer you leave something unattended the harder it is to attend to, ya know? so sad) :
    I think its wrong though when kids get medicated because the parent doesn’t wanna deal with the kids behavioral problems, mental problems, or emotional problems. That kid doesn’t actually have ADD they are just stubborn and you as a parent should try to understand it and help them. or get someone who will, not someone who will just give them some feel good stimuli to ignore and hide what isn’t and is really there. ya know? it just frustrates me because think, where will that poor soul go thinking medication is the answer to all internal questions? It so sad! Jeez loiuse! Ya know?

    September 16, 2012
    1. saraevouth

      Your the most powerful thing in this universe Kathryn! Massive props to you and your ability to look at life straight in the face and say Fuck You. I smiled reading the second half of this post and was in aww of your determination at keeping your mind in such an awesome mental state. BTW im stealing your “hey chemical misfire in my brain! You’re lame and I won’t let you control me! I;m bigger and better than you!” Stay bad ass bonita

      October 01, 2012
  3. ryan59479

    Idk. I’m a second year nursing student, and I’ve seen a lot of people that qualify as clinically depressed. From everything I’ve observed, it boils down to external vs internal. Depression is an internal, emotional state. A person can try to change it with medication, or they can try and change it with therapy, counseling, etc. Either way, an outside influence is attempting to exert itself over an individual’s internal conflict. Nothing will change, medication or not, until the person affected is ready to change.

    September 16, 2012
    1. georgetsmurf

      I find what you say interesting “an outside influence is attempting to exert itself over a individual’s internal conflict”. This is usually what happens when the conversation of depression is brought up by lay people-everybnody without the condition seem to have the answer so they think. However, quality professionals should be expected to try to get to the bottom of the trigger for the condition. Recently I was asked to join a tribute band as I was a fairly well known rock musician in Sydney during the late 1960’s-1970’s. I now recognise that period of my life as a time of self gratification where I cared little for the needs of those around me. It is now a past that is best discarded and remembered only for the occasioanal pleasant experiences it gave me. By discarding this episode in my life I am able to focus on more real and valuable behaviour which does not trigger negative patterns of thought and behaviour. Hence I did not accept the offer to play again.

      September 19, 2012
      1. ryan59479

        I’m not a layperson, for the record. My point was that no condition, medical or otherwise, can be effectively treated unless the patient is ready for it to be treated. If you don’t believe me, feel free to read any medical textbook.

        September 20, 2012
        1. georgetsmurf

          My appologies. I never meant for one moment that you or anybody else is a so-called “lay-person”.

          September 21, 2012
  4. hanakimi

    I went for massage and walk everytime I felt doomm…… with clear mind. its like i’m throwing the problem away from me, “and you (trouble) don’t follow me home!!!” hehhehi… I don’t take any pill… just let it go while doing something I like.

    You can try.

    October 13, 2012