Evolved Collective Consciousness

I know I seem to talk a lot on this topic, I can't help myself, as I believe in it so much more all the time as I see things that happen in the world from day to day. I believe that this collective expression of our genetic makeup is a very powerful evolutionary stable strategy that maybe primarily responsible for our survival as a species. We tend to to be generally very altruistic in our nature with this altruism being most obvious the closer we are genetically connected. That is to say we are more altruistic towards our immediate relatives than we are to our neighbors-we are more altruistic towards people of our own culture than we are to other cultures but on the whole we are altruistic towards all other humans in times of crises. Look at the outpouring of emotion worldwide when a country or group of people suffer a natural disaster. By our altruism towards others we are protecting the gene pool. Look at it this way. There are around 6.8 billion human gene sets on the planet, each set is in the form of one person and each of these individual gene sets is able to combine with any other gene set of the opposite sex to enable the successful passing on of our collective consciousness in a slightly varied form increasing our genetic variability exposed to potential selection pressures. Before my idea can be accepted as a reality one needs to look at why other animals don't appear to share share this genetic expression to the extent that we do but still survive. Firstly let us take a look at what we tend to need for our survival. We need communication between each other. We tend to rely heavily on our consciousness for our defense against the physical elements as we do not seem to be as well equipped in other aspects of our phenotypical expression IE we are not endowed with the physical means of coping with temperature excesses the way other animals are. We are very inadequate at efficient water conservation in our biological system. We require to build shelters and to cloth ourselves, our  shelters require to be different in different environments of the world hence our collective consciousness gives us the opportunity to enable this to happen.  I invite others to give this some thought and to comment if and where you believe my idea is flawed.
Cheers George

As an addition to the above information it should be recognised that every living thing on this planet is distributed in packages of gene sets so as to enhance it's chances of survival under variable natural selection pressures. Therefore each living species can be seen as a kind of 'super organism' made up of all the seperate gene sets. In the case of the human animal, our collective consciousness is a major component of our makeup that enables our survival as a whole, under varying conditions.

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  1. SynthesisAshram

    Hi George, thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on your blog. I agree that people are naturally altruistic. Some choose to express this virtue while others choose a more selfish expression stemming from the negative ego, which is a collection of thoughts, beliefs and ideas that the person believes about themselves and the world that are fear based and false. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. The negative ego distorts the Source light that enters into our energy system, this more than anything governs our behaviour and can distort our genetic make-up and thus create illness that can be inherited. I have been studying this phenomena for many years under the banner of Ray Science but it also very much overlaps when one studies the effect of living on raw food diet. Food very much affects our body chemistry and therefore our consciousness.

    Perhaps I have a different understanding of the collective consciousness and genetics. I do not believe that genetics govern us for we can alter them with our will once we realise we have that power. We don’t have to be victims of our genetics. It is my understanding that genetics are greatly influenced by thought and distortions occur when thoughts stem from the negative ego. It is indeed possible to clear our genetic line of illnesses and prevent them from being passed down or even clear them from future generations. It can be easily removed from the energetic field however one must also remove it from their subconscious mind and this is where most people fail. I know that the genetics can be altered by the will because I have cleared much from my own genetic line and no longer have the physical symptoms of those inherited illnesses.

    We must understand that the collective consciousness is not that evolved and as individuals we must raise our own consciousness above it until we become one with the universal mind. To do this we must evolve our consciousness from the human animal into the human angel. The human animal is in survival mode, using instinct as it’s primary sense. The human angel has evolved its consciousness from using instinct to using intuition – the two cannot operate together just as the negative ego and universal or Christ consciousness can’t operate together. They are two entirely different systems we must choose one or the other. Instinct creates a survival consciousness and competitiveness for survival where as those that are intuitive know that they are the planet and abundant in all things, they transcend survival mode, they stop being competitive and become co-operative. All things are created by thought and the collective human consciousness greatly affects the other kingdoms upon the planet – the mineral, plant and animals kingdoms, but it also affects the weather including natural disasters. Thoughts are things, it is a very powerful tool that we have been entrusted with but one that we collectively misuse to our own detriment.

    November 10, 2011
    1. georgetsmurf

      You say “it is indeed possible to clear our genetic line of illnesses and to prevent them from being passed down or even clear them from future generations”. Yes of course we can by interfering with the process of natural selection ie selective breeding. This is not necessary a good thing. This can only be seen as good if one percieves the human animal as superior to other living things which is not the case. We are just lucky that our genetic diversity has enabled our survival so far. Even what we may think of as deliterious gene can sometimes be beneficial in our survival. The mutation that allowed the exhibited form of Sickle Cell Amaemia protected a minority group of carriers from malaria. The sickle cell amaemia gene/genes became abundant in the population that lost millions to the disease. Only the process that produced us can dictate whether we survive or go extinct. Our exhibited collective consciousness is a product of evolution so therefore cannot outwit the process that ensured it’s survival so far. By interfering with natural selection we ultimately reduce our variability and hence reduce our chances of survival as a species. Your belief is outside the realms of objective reasoning so therefore we will always be at odds with the way we see things. I am only here because natural selection allows me to survive. I am no more important in the scheme of things than an earth worm-actually an earth worm probably contributes more to the planets biomas success than I do. The reality is I am only a gene carrier of destruction from a environmental perspective. I use far more energy than I can put back into the system.

      November 10, 2011