Letting go.

I have recently given a lot of thought to the concept of 'Letting go' as a means of growing in a new direction while removing triggers for deleterious thoughts and behaviour.

It seems to me that we go through a series of crises as we travel life's path. Many of these crises are associated with not-so-good behavior and thinking patterns that we picked up along the way. We tend to do things in our youth that we think we will outgrow ie drinking to much, taking in dangerous substances at what we think are safe levels of consumption, outbursts of anger based on arrogance and a limited reportiore of choices. These not-so-good things will usually be associated with pleasant memories of our past into the future. It seems to me that because of the associated pleasant memories we have difficulty letting go of these behaviors and thoughts that trigger bad behavor in later life. I believe,as I have stated in a earlier post that depression is the subconscious mind telling us to let go of something so as to start affresh. I have come to recognise some of these things from my own personal experience and have found that by letting go, things do start to get better. Of course one can never let go completely as our past comes to vist us in our dreams, however letting go, in my opinion is a positive step in the right direction to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing into the future.

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