The Capitalism Machine.

The year is 2063-a world dominated by a relatively fair socialist philosophy and collection of government systems.

A young, enthusiastic albeit somewhat greedy person enters an aging government building.

In the corner of a dusty room on the top (3rd) floor is a box with a start button on the front. The box is labelled  'The Capitalism Machine' On the handle of the box is a tied-on-tag stating' Do not try to operate-this machine is faulty'. The young man thinks mmmmm, can't be any harm.

He presses the button. The machine starts to whirl immediately. A bright almost unbearable light fills the room only to be replaced with and ink-like darkness.

He exits the building only to find the world is changing. 


To be Continued.


Oh yes, the world was really changing for the better it seemed. It was becoming more colourful and splendid.

There were many people rushing about setting up stalls of all shapes, colours and sizes-it was glorious. There were fabrics so beautiful and pretty trinkets to buy so as to adorn oneself.

There were all varieties of fruits, meats, fish to be bought. There were lovely clothes and hats so grand as to make one feel important beyond one's dreams. What a wonderful place the world was becoming, and all the while the little machine in the dusty corner whirled away as if content to be be once again in operation.

One felt a joy to be not only content with the things one needed, as they were before the button had been pressed, but now could have available, all the lovely things they wanted as well.

Was the machine a gift from Heaven the young man thought?


To be continued.


Curious to why these changes to the world he remembered seemed to correspond with the time the button was preesed and the machine started working, the young man went back into the old building and the dusty room where the machine was still purring away.

Hesitantly he walked to the corner where it sat and gently lifted the timber lid. There was no visible workings inside just a secondary timber cover with a dial-gauge that read from zero to one hundred percent (0-100%). 

He noticed that the gauge seemed to be set on 100% or maybe a very little-hardly noticeable amount below.

What could this gauge be measuring? Power consumption, Revs per minute (RPM)-who knows? Maybe, he thought-this is why the machine had a unserviceable tag on it?

To be continued

4) Life went on quite pleasantly for several months. The stalls got bigger while more desirable products became available. People started to turn up in brand new motor vehicles. Those that were fortunate enough to aquire jobs were becoming more independent and had more money to spend-could all this wonder be due to the little machine being started up. Why hadn't somebody started it before. Life was wonderful. Not only could many people now afford small luxuries but those with a disposeable income could actually borrow a little extra from recently espablished stalls that offered loans. There was a feeling of deja vu however from a small minority of elder people. "Why on earth do I feel nervous" was a common response when questioned about the new felt optomism of the majority?  

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